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My List O’ Tears

Be warned. This entry contains spoilers. I’ve been thinking about the things in life that are so beautiful they bring us to tears. I don’t mean things that are sad necessarily, but those things that make us cry just from their … Continue reading

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Kissing–the Gold Standard

So, I’m watching Celebrity Apprentice last week. Yes, I watch Celebrity Apprentice. Deal with it. It can’t  all be Robertson Davies and Masterpiece Theatre around the house. My three-year-old wanders casually out of his room (as if I hadn’t put him to … Continue reading

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Of Blogging

Since I’ve been blogging, one glorious month, I’ve actually been reading other blogs. And, as the general wisdom holds, most of them are indeed crap. But, and this surprised me, lots are really good. Imaginative. Cute turns of phrase. Observant. … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Traffic Reporters

Dear Traffic Reporters: I am a busy woman and I have too much noise in my life. So, when I’m driving I want quiet time. But I also need to listen to the traffic report to make sure I’m not … Continue reading

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