Guilty Pleasures

I’ve been thinking about the idea of qualified and sanctioned. Who gets the right to tell us what things to like and dislike? Why are these experts more qualified than our own nose to sniff out what we like in terms of our art, our food and our experiences? So, I smell another list. These are the things that are SOOO GOOD, even though they’re unsanctioned by experts and (supposedly) SOOOO BAD.

Here’s my starter list (and I will refrain from justifying my choices, because the fact that I like them is justification enough, so there):

  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  • Joe vs. the Volcano
  • Coke and Orange Slurpees
  • Rippled chips with dill pickle dip
  • Gilbert & Sullivan (speaking of which, have you got your tickets to Iolanthe yet?)
  • Big Macs
  • (and, in the spirit of fair competition) A Wendy’s Bacon Big Classic. Oh, and I nearly forgot their cheese and bacon baked potato
  • My Mom’s French Fries
  • Gwen Stefani’s “I Ain’t No Holleback Girl
  • Warm Croissants with butter and strawberry jam.
  • Tim Horton’s coffee
  • Irish Chick-lit: Marian Keyes is my favourite (she uses my favourite Irish insult ‘Gobshite’ with panache–that wasn’t a justification, I just wanted to write it down because it makes me laugh)
  • Less Than Perfect (cancelled now, but I enjoyed it while it lasted)
  • Mushrooms Neptune from the Keg with warm bread and butter
  • Butter
  • In pyjamas by 8:30 pm with an evening full of sit-com watching ahead
  • Lying around on Saturday morning with the newspaper and a ceramic mug full of coffee
  • A steak dinner, ooh or roast beef. mmmm beef
  • Those twirly cinnamon sticks of sugary nothingness from Taco Bell/KFC
  • Penne con salsiccia from Romano’s Macaroni Grill
  • really good choirs, especially if they’re a cappella

Okay, I know you’re chomping at the bit (or perhaps your own guilty pleasureful fast food hamburger) to let me know of your guilty pleasure list. So….GO!

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Theatremaker, Homemaker, Thoughtmaker. Great hair, Probably looking forward to my next nap.
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3 Responses to Guilty Pleasures

  1. Colleen says:

    Why do guilty pleasures always centre around food?

    My list (off the top of my head and in no way complete):

    – Yorkshire pudding and gravy
    – Used book stores
    – Janette Oakes books (see….now, I’m feeling guilty just typing that one)
    – The moment that all the children are in bed for the night
    – Driving in a vehicle all by myself
    – Dill pickle dip and ripple chips (which now I’m craving thank you, and I haven’t let pass my lips in about 6 months….hmmm….oddly enough…I think it was at your house)
    – Homemade Sunday brunch
    – Tim Horton’s crullers
    – Extra dill pickles and mayonaise on a Whopper with cheese
    – Triple -O burger
    – Ok….anything with mayonaise, really
    – Pub food

    I’m sure there’s more that don’t include food.

  2. Sarah says:

    My list:

    – Playing hooky from work
    – Reading gossip magazine’s while waiting in line-ups at the grocery store
    – Mulling over the red bearded man in front of me in the line-up whilst reading said magazines
    – Red-bearded men
    – Popcorn with LOTS of butter on it
    – Coffee, coffee and more coffee
    – I have to add onto the “pub food”: going to the pub
    – Toasted croissants…definately
    – 7-layer dip
    – Antique stores, used clothing stores, used book stores, store stores
    – Simon and Garfunkel…and dare I say it!? The Cure
    – Watching the “Indiana Jones” trilogy, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Monsters Inc.”, BBC Comedies and the Muppet movies
    – “Apple-bottom jeans; Boots with the fur…” etc.
    – Reading all day (especially when you memorize poems/passages in high hopes that someday that will be useful)
    – Blasting music in cars
    – I like to switch to the Irish or Scottish accent sometimes when I’m talking to people I don’t know
    – Walking in Gastown in high heels pretending I’m a business women. Or alternatively, lolly-gagging in White Rock pretending I’m a bohemian chick. Or just plain dressing up (I did when I was five…why not twenty?)
    – Chick flicks (Phantom of the Opera, Legally Blonde, Notebook, Princess Bride…)
    – Irish breakfasts
    – Scottish accents
    – Taking extending vacations
    – Ripple chips with dill dip

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