Tell me, but quietly and out of earshot of the daycare ladies

If you’ve been following this bjournal for a while you might recall I vowed to stop lurking in doorways.

I took a big step out of the doorway by deciding to submit my name to audition for professional theatre companies–and I actually was successful in securing an audition. But they wanted a contemporary song, and most of my repertoire is, let’s just say, older than contemporary. So, I decided on Tell Me On a Sunday. If you’re not familiar, here’s Sarah Brightman giving a pretty good rendition of it (but remember she’s a soprano and I’m a mezzo, so I’m going to be making more of a big deal of the low notes).



I purchased the sheet music, practiced, and practiced some more, met with a vocal coach, worked with my voice teacher. It might take a village to raise a child, but it takes a small army to get this gal ready to audition.

Then, of course, at the audition, they asked me if I had anything else. GACK! So, I ended up singing only a little bit of Tell Me On a Sunday and quite a bit of The Physician. This song:



A Cole Porter song made famous-ish by Gertrude Lawrence in the 1930s. So much for a contemporary sound. Thank God I’d been working on that song for something else.

Anyway, I did it. It’s done. I doubt it will result in actual casting, but it was good to get that first one out of the way, and I don’t think I humiliated myself at any rate.

So, Griffin (the 4-year-old, if you need reminding) asked me one morning if I wanted him to sing a song for me. And because he’s been hearing it constantly for about a week, he sings me a line from Tell Me On A Sunday–which is very cute and charming, yes, I grant you. But has he learned the line “Take me to a park that’s covered with trees“? No, he has not. Has he learned the line “Take me to a zoo that’s got chimpanzees“? Again, nope. No, the line that my bright little four-year-old parrots back to me is “Don’t get drunk and slam the door.

As long as he doesn’t sing it for daycare ladies I guess we’re okay.

Next time I’m learning a song extolling the virtues of motherhood and let him learn the lines from that. Any suggestions?

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