The unexpected journey

I haven’t been much of a world traveller. But I did get the opportunity once to have my European adventure. I did a course in Oxford, performed in a play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and then after that was all done, took three weeks and travelled down to Greece, over to Italy and up through France. It was grand.

One of my observations of travelling, is there’s so much that can be done in a day. This morning, I’m in Rome, tomorrow I’ll be in Florence (Firenze if you’re local). Today I will see the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel and the Coliseum. I will be amazed that anyone can cross a street in Rome and live to tell the tale. Tomorrow, I will see the David and almost get knocked over twice by scooters. And that is amazing, wonderful, and yes, also exhausting to live in this heightened state for a time–always seeing new things, new people, new scenery, eating new food, and sleeping in unfamiliar quarters.

And sometimes life can be like that.

I remember another 3-month period in my life, a long time ago. In February, my best friend was killed, in March, I performed a role I’d been wanting to play since high school, in early April, my mother had a baby, and at the end of April, my sister got married. Birth, personal achievement, marriage and death. Major life events all stacked up together like being in Venice one day and Nice the next.

And it would seem that life has once again sped up.

In early May, my daughter was diagnosed with Aspergers. In late May I got to perform a difficult and personally satisfying role (for which I’ve been nominated for a best supporting actress award–go me!), June was a whirlwind of birthday parties, sorting out the Aspergers paperwork, getting my kids enrolled in Fast ForWord, beginning therapy, and regular end of school stuff, PLUS I got a paid gig (my first in many years) to perform as an historical character in our local Canada Day celebrations. I then also had an audition for a professional theatre company (also a first for me in many years). AND we’re planing a trip to Disneyland for the end of July. And then, June 30th, we got the call that a member of our family has a potentially life-threatening illness.

So, we’re taking the trip as it comes with the good and the bad, and praying that the illness ends up in the good column. Illness City? Well, we weren’t expecting that stopover and I don’t think we want to live there. But it was an interesting journey.

Please add our family to your prayers.

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