It’s cheap if you divide the price per cup.

I just went out and paid a queen’s ransom for 3 bras that fit me. And holy cow, what a great investment a bra that fits is. I’d been ‘making do’ because the last time I actually forked out the kind of cash that seems to be required to purchase bras of good construction that fit…(taking a calming breath here)…the DOG pulled them out of the laundry basket and destroyed them. <sob>

To answer your question, the dog is still alive. But, so help me, if it happens again, someone will be reporting a canineicide and I will be in the Emergency room with a suspected aneurysm.

I just put the first and best of the lot on, (Deauville by Prima Donna) and it’s like I can breathe again! And I’m thinking that breathing has to be better for my health. I’m sure I’ve heard that it’s recommended by 3 out of 4 professionals.

What a weight off my chest.

Come on! I couldn’t just let that go by.

So ladies, I highly recommend it. Save your pennies. Go to the good store. Get fitted. It will hurt for a moment at the cash register, but if you take care of them (and don’t let your dog anywhere near them) they will last a good long time. Or so they say. I don’t know really, because, as I may have mentioned, the dog ate mine.

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4 Responses to It’s cheap if you divide the price per cup.

  1. Is that really the price? Dang, the girls are well dressed.

    What I do find kinda funny is your automatically generated possibly related posts. Creepy old men…I get that, but crustless mini quiche? Words of Jesus? The passover and the Lord’s Supper? Who’s been drinking at the helm of wordpress tonight?

  2. That’s the Diane’s price. I went to Forever Yours in Langley which was $25 cheaper. And then I got a couple that were on sale, one for $20 and the other for $70. Still a queen’s ransom.

    Perhaps, the wordpress thing is because I say the word cup in the title? Jesus shared the cup of wine? The mini-quiche takes a cup of milk? I’m guessing.

    Yep, just took a look and the problem words for WordPress seem to be ‘divide’ and ‘cup’ — a lot of ways that could be taken, apparently.

    Artificial intelligence –BAH!

  3. --- says:

    Am a big van de Velde fan myself. (Company that makes Prima Donna and Marie Jo.) I hand-wash, which quintuples life expectancy.

    Was surprised to find that moulded cups, which seemed padded to me, optically reduce the cast-upon-the-waters (trying to work with MahoneyMusings’ biblical link imagery here) effect. That’s all I wear now; Marie Jo has a lot of these.

    Hope you treated yourself to the matching underwear!

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