NaNoWriMo08: I DID IT!!!

I did it.

You read that right

I. DID. IT. !!!!!!

Just before 12:30 today, I got to 50,031 words for NaNoWriMo08.

Insert happy dance here…

Happy Dance!

Happy Dance!

Look, I’m a winner. I have a badge that says so:


Now, I’m going to introduce myself to my children and my husband who might not remember me. Or think of me as the troll lady who lives in the basement and won’t let them have a turn on the computer.

If you’re interested, my author info is here.

Look \/ right down there \/ That is what is commonly known as “The Comments Section.” You may now use that section to shower me with praise and/or offer me a large advance to whip that puppy into publishable shape.


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Theatremaker, Homemaker, Thoughtmaker. Great hair, Probably looking forward to my next nap.
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7 Responses to NaNoWriMo08: I DID IT!!!

  1. I am MOST impressed!

    When is your blog contest for a signed copy of your novel?

  2. Sarah says:

    Next year you can write about your adventures involved in writing this year’s novel!

    And congratulations! I look forward to reading it its’ entirety.

  3. Sarah says:

    in its’ *

  4. No apostrophe required for denoting the possession of something by the 3rd person impersonal. IE: “its”, and not “its’” or even “it’s” (which is a contraction of “it is” anyway).


    I’m an editor.

    And a publisher.

    Not that I’m soliciting a manuscript nor even open to submissions.

    Dear God… what have I done?

    Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS on the completion of 50,000 words!!

    …um… are any of those words any good?

  5. @Ian Alexander Martin (welcome back, I haven’t seen you here for a while).

    I believe I did use the words ‘any’ and ‘good’ somewhere in there. ;-)

    I have posted five excerpts to peruse and see if it shows any promise. And I’m not your genre anyway, so fear not, I’m not hitting you up for a book deal. Although I may hit you up on the correct usage of an EM-dash occasionally.

    I’m going to leave it until the new year, and then start in with the re-writing and editing phase. After draft three I might know if it’s any good. It may turn out to be a practice novel.

  6. The use of the words “good” and “any” are always enough to pique my interest. If you’ve also used the words “death to Stephen Harper” — preferably in that order – (those are “em-dashes”, please note) then all the better! I love your output and wish to have it and you bronzed in equal measure.

    Bronzing is so much safer that actual tanning, after all.

    There is no such thing as “my genre”, by the by, as… well… see for yourself, dear. Perhaps I’ll have to visit the Island of Granville for a jug or twelve to regale thee…

    However, who knows what the new year will bring?

  7. @Ian Alexander Martin

    I am so sorry to see the news about Humdrumming. It’s been a bad year for the book business all around. Sad that it hit you guys too.

    Going to fall back on the acting are you? Always good to have a fall back position. (Just a little josh there, let me know if that was too soon).

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