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Dear 2011,

I’ve been waiting for you. Wait, I’m being a little creepy aren’t I? I mean we just met and all and here I am heaping all these expectations on you–hoping, dreaming, believing, YEARNING for you to be THE ONE. You … Continue reading

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You know it’s loud when it goes to eleven.

One of the reasons that we chose our house is its lack of neighbours. That sounds unfriendly doesn’t it? Well, it is. Prior to our current home, we were living in a housing co-op where we learned two things. One–the great thing … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Tomorrow is my birthday! I love my birthday. I’m not so sure about the numbers that seem to be escalating alarmingly, but I just avert my eyes from that and be happy because it’s MY DAY! MINE! And, I think … Continue reading

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