Persona, have you met your Shadow?

A man is standing beside the road. He is a middle-aged man. He has a bald spot and a circle of brown spiky hair. He is dressed in a pressed tweed jacket, pressed dress pants, shiny dress shoes–all high-end labelled merchandise. He is a fussy man. The kind who has a formal living room, irons his napkins, and drives his wife crazy before guests arrive for a dinner party because he’s not convinced she has perfected the correct ratio of radhicchio to arugula. He stands behind his polished silver sedan–an expensive make and model. This is a man who was on his way to the office, a place where he has a reserved parking space by the front door and an assistant. He holds a position of note–probably a Vice-President of Finance. He is talking on his cell phone, looking at some papers in his hands–perhaps he is reading some information from the papers to the person he speaks to on the phone.

There is another man.

This man stands in the parking lot adjacent to the first man. In stark contrast to the first man, this man has a wild mane of black hair, that connects to his wild beard. Rasputin-eyes and a Hagrid-beard. He wears a mack jacket, wife-beater and filthy jeans. The dirt on this man is only matched by the filth of the gang-banger car that one must assume he was driving, although it hardly looks road-worthy. The car is a matte-black, missing an entire headlight and looks quite literally beat up. The man slouches in front of his car, hands thrust deep into his jeans’ pockets, looking at the first men with a look that reminds me of the teenager caught by his parents sneaking into the house after curfew.

Mr. Fussy and the Wild-Man have had a collision of a minor nature — no damage is apparent on Mr. Fussy’s car and I can’t believe you would be able tell if the Wild-Man’s car had any extra damage from what it had before the accident.

The meaning of this is clear. This morning the Ego collided with its Id. Persona with Shadow. Light with dark.

Both these personalities so cut off from their other side that they effectively polarized themselves into magnets that coming into close proximity couldn’t help but put them on a collision course.

It isn’t always quite so literal.

I wonder how this moment will change these men. If it will change these men.

Or if they will wait for their polarizations to build to a head-on, high speed collision.

About Tentative Equinox North

Theatremaker, Homemaker, Thoughtmaker. Great hair, Probably looking forward to my next nap.
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