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I feel badly. I’ve let you down. I hate it when people complain but don’t do anything to remedy their complaint, and here I’ve gone and done the same thing. I wrote a whole post complaining about the amount of beeping in my life but provided no answers to mute that beeping. The consequence of that post is that a host of people searching for ways of reducing the beeping in their life are directed to my site with false hope. So, I am going to do the right thing and provide some answers for your poor beep inundated people. I want to do my part to reduce noise pollution and improve your noise to signal ratio. 

Here is my first solution for you:

How to turn off your incoming mail beep in Outlook.

Now, this is for the Office 2007 version of Outlook. But it’s actually very similar in previous versions of Outlook.

a) While in Outlook, click on the ‘Tools‘ menu.

b) Now click ‘Options.’

c) You’ll see a bunch of buttons that go down the right side of the window. Click on the top one, ‘Email options.’

d) Now about half ways down that window you’ll see a button called ‘ADVANCED email options.’

e) Now, you’ll see a section in that window called “When new items arrive in my inbox” De-click the checkbox that says “Play a sound.”

f) Press ‘Okay‘ and you should be golden. You might need to exit from Outlook and start it up again to ensure the changes are actually working.

Now listen to that blissful sound of silence. OHMMMM.

You can thank me in the comments. But, in advance, you’re welcome.

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