Griffin turns 4

4 years ago we sent out the following announcement:

Christina and Lloyd are pleased to announce the birth of our third child — a son — Griffin Arthur Peter, on Tuesday June 22nd at 3:24pm.  Griffin was 8lbs, 4 oz and measured 20.5″ in length.  Mom and son are home from the hospital and doing well. Sister and brother Emma and Calvin are excited by the new baby in the house and are learning the fine art of fetching stuff for the baby. 


Here’s the pictures we sent: 

Griffin on day 1

On Sunday, Griffin turned 4.

His name is a conglomeration of grandparents:

  • Griffin is my paternal grandmother’s maiden name
  • Arthur is my paternal grandfather’s first name
  • Peter is the first name of an adopted grandfather, a neighbour who became such a close family friend, that he really did become like an extra grandfather.

All had passed away before Griffin was born, my grandfather Arthur, most recently, when I was about 8 months pregnant with Griffin. So, there was the family honour thing, but also, I wanted a name that spoke of strength, since he hung on through what appeared to be a threatened miscarriage and then my kidney stones in the second trimester, (probably the result of all the antacids I had to take during his first trimester).

This is Griffin at 1

 Griffin with Uncle Andrew

This is Griffin at 2

Griffin just before he turned 2 (2006)


Griffin laughing

And just a couple of weeks ago:

Griffin scratches his nose

  • Griffin is all-boy. He loves cars, trucks, diggers, dump trucks, planes, boats, trains, motorcyles, blocks, and balls.
  • We still have a great routine, where someone says something like:

See you later, alligator

To which he replies

I not alligator. I Griffin.

(It’s only lately he’s been able to add the ‘r’. It used to be pronouned Giffin). And this game is good for dude, sir, mister, or even big boy.

  • He’s got spirit (often known colloquially as a temper).
  • He’s shy, particularly if you’re female and good-lookin’ (refer to point 1).
  • He is very loving and will often give compliments to others (and himself too). The other day he said to me “Mom, you’re a good singer.” And this coming from the kid who usually covers his ears when I sing, just melted my heart.
  • He loves visiting his friends, Lily, Lauren, Blaise, the kids at his daycare and anyone who happens to be there at the childminding centre at the Y.
  • He loves his family particularly his big brother Calvin and his cousin Patrick. These must be included in the good-night song.

Happy birthday, my baby!

I know, you’re not a baby, you’re Griffin. 

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