Wouldn’t you like to be a muppet too?

Christina as Beaker

If I were a muppet, I would be Beaker. I’m not saying that would be my choice, I’m just saying if I were to fall through an Enchanted-esque magical hole and re-surface on the other side in some kind of Muppet World, Beaker is who I’d show up as.

Poor Beaker. He knows that whatever that kook, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew (admittedly, Dr. Honeydew is sometimes played by me in some kind of crazy one-woman show) is cooking up is going to blow up right in Beaker’s face. And then Beaker has to run around with his hair on fire, shrieking in his singularly inarticulate way.  

I know, you’re thinking, “Hmmmm.  Christina’s a performer, why wouldn’t she show up as Miss Piggy?” Sadly, I lack her chutzpah and confidence in her ability even the times when all evidence runs to the contrary. At my first voice squeak or line fumble, I give it all up for lost. No really, you go. You’re way better looking, sound better, better actor.

Nope, for better or for worse, I’m Beaker.

Actually, on a good day, I might be a little Kermit-y–a dreamer, a little bewildered by all the crazies that seem to surround him (not you of course), trying to run his little show all the while dealing with snipers in the balcony and fragile egos backstage.

Kermit the Frog

If you were to fall through the Enchanted-esque hole into Muppet World, who would you show up as?

Here’s the deal. I’ll add the pictures to this post as I get comments claiming a muppet character as your own.

Update 1:

Colleen claims the Yip Yips. In honour of your own computer woes. You have to watch this just to see the yip yips bring a little offering to the computer. Classic!

And also Gonzo. Maybe you can hypnotize your children instead of the chickens:

Update 2: And now Sarah claims Sweetums and the Swedish Chef

Sweetums the gentle giantSwedish Chef

And also notes that there is a little Animal in all of us:

SERENE! My favourite Animal sketch of all time…

I notice a trend towards “I’m a lot of this muppet but also a little of this one.” Interesting.

Update 3: Jamboree claims Cookie Monster (and only Cookie Monster):

Update 4: A late player, but always welcome. Ian chooses Beaker (yay! another Beaker), but also a little Fozzie Bear.

Fozzie Greets You

Fozzie Greets You


There’s no test to verify your choice Ian. You get to choose and that is validation enough.

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5 Responses to Wouldn’t you like to be a muppet too?

  1. Colleen says:

    If I’m within 10 feet of any of my children, then I would be one of those “Yip Yip” martian muppets. They don’t seem to understand a word I say.

    I’ve always related to Gonzo. Big ideas, bad follow through. I feel that my luck quotient equals his. My nose isn’t quite as large. And I think I scream like him too. A lot some days……especially when my kids don’t understand YIPyipyipyipyipyipyipyipyipyip.

  2. Sarah says:

    I would be Sweetums.

    Maybe it’s just a wish to be a wee bit taller. But really, honestly, I think people are scared of me when they see me walking down the street, glowering and stomping away. I’m nice, I promise! “I love you guys!” is my personal mantra, next to “Somebody needs a hug!” And I’m a women of contradictions and many oppositions (indescision, perhaps?) You can’t get anymore contradictory than a scary, large beast with a name like Sweetums. And he really does love everybody. I’ve always been drawn to Gentle Giants.

    If I can’t be Sweetums, then the Swedish Chef. I love his way of haphazard cooking.

    And maybe Christina, you should make a side-note: Everybody has a little Animal in them. That’s my belief anyways.

  3. jamboree says:

    Absolutely Cookie Monster. I realise that he’s more of the Sesame Street version of muppets, but he’s my guy. How can you not love him, I ask you? He enjoys the finer things in life, and knows how to truly appreciate a good cookie. Eat as much as you can, as quickly as you can, that’s my motto. Eat it before your toddler gets to it first.

  4. Beaker. Inarticulate and panic-stricken. Maybe some Fozzie, what with ‘trying too hard and getting glum upon occasion.

    Is there a test somewhere?

  5. Totally Kermit – feeling in charge of everyone, having to make sure the show goes on…

    I am in love with a Miss Piggy too…

    I’d love to have some more Gonzo, though.

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