Polite Technology–Only In Canada You Say?

I noticed that the gas pumps are more polite up here.

This is what I overheard while waiting for my half-caff Americano at the coffee counter the other day; two people discussing some of the differences they’ve noticed in Canada.

Could that be true? Could Canadian technology be more polite than technology south of the 49th parallel? The next time I pumped my gas, I counted. Eight times in the course of my transaction was something polite flashed across the screen–welcome, please, thank you. That does seem like a lot doesn’t it? The only time I was commanded insteaded of politely requested, was the message after punching in my PIN, an ominous “Waiting for authorization” flashed across the screen. I wonder why it didn’t say “Please wait for authorization.”?

(Sidebar: I don’t know about you, but I always envision a little panel of very small, but angry bankers discussing my request and then grudgingly putting rubber stamp to paper. Their judgment? “Alright. But just this once! Don’t make it a habit.” Then, once I’ve gone, they say cutting things about my financial savvy, or lack thereof.)

So, I’d like to do some more research, but of course I’m somewhat hampered by geography. I would love to hear from people the world over. How many times in the course of these automated transactions (think gas pumps, bank machines, self-check outs) is your technology programmed to be courteous? If your Canadian, I would still like to hear from you, because I’d like to know if 8 is the average and if it differs across the country. So, in the comments, identify your country (and what part of the country), what type of automated transaction it was, and how many courteous words you saw.

And you thought today was going to be dull!

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