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Gas Price Ticker

Gas Price Ticker

I think it’s time to switch the signs advertising gas prices to a ticker model rather than the customary static signage. Wouldn’t that be more fun? I’ve noticed in recent months that every time I drive by a gas station that it’s a different price than the one posted an hour ago. Instead of making it a full-time job for some poor minimum wage employee, why not just connect that sign into some network of oil prices? Maybe some captains of industry want to sit around a board room table and throw darts at each other. Whoever gets hit, gets to have a turn setting the price. It’s a carrot-stick thing. Granted, we would then have to dispense with the illusion that these prices are set by the individual stations, but I think we are way past that.

Why not give us the thrill of the stock market floor? You could pull up to the pump, watch the price for a minute and lock in your purchase when you think you’ve got the best price of the moment. It might be terribly exciting.

Buy! Buy! Buy now!

You could even make crazy finger signals at the gas station attendant without getting arrested for profanity.

I'll take 75 litres!

I'll take 75 litres!

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