Best Search Term of the Week

Apparently you can now find my site by using the search string:

Should I feel guilty for not posting bail?

Wow. Did Google mis-read that one.

Totally want to know the story behind that.

And mysterious searcher, I can say with some confidence that Google cannot tell you what you should and should not feel guilty about. Your faith is misplaced.

About Tentative Equinox North

Theatremaker, Homemaker, Thoughtmaker. Great hair, Probably looking forward to my next nap.
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2 Responses to Best Search Term of the Week

  1. If you’re wondering what things you would never say on top of the world, you’ll get directed to my blog.

    And wordpress apparently has guilt issues as well… a ‘soft swap’ ok? What…instead of posting bail?

    And why the heck does it think someone who is feeling guilty over not posting bail is needing to find things to do when feeling hungover or romantic?


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