Here comes the brain again.

I’ve been following the writer Kate Zimmerman for a few months now.

Not literally. Everyone settle down.

Following as in reading. She’s very funny. I like following funny.

I noticed that her blog site sat empty for a while — no new content.

“Sad,” I thought. “Another blog abandoned.”

Little did I know. <Cue the mystery and intrigue music.>

Shortly after I had that thought, she posted a threepart series about being first diagnosed with a benign brain tumour and the subsequent operation to remove it.

Okay, I suppose a few weeks off from entertaining me is alright then. Must you be so dramatic about it though? If you need a vacation, just say so. Sheesh.

This week she posted about her ongoing recovery. And we can safely say her sense of humour was not damaged in the operation.

Go read it.

I love her description of neuroplasticity.

Maybe one day she’ll write her own humourous version of Stroke of Insight.

I’d read that.

Here’s Jill Bolton Taylore’s Ted Talk about her stroke. It’s really fascinating stuff. But I warn you, she brings out a naked brain.

Okay, the embedding isn’t working. Frustrating. Inserting a video used to be so easy in WordPress and then they went and IMPROVED it and now it won’t work.

Here’s the link. I’ll try to put it in a separate post if I can get my snot-covered brain to still fire its synapses through the muck.

If you still want more brains go here.

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