It’s a bird, it’s a helicopter, it’s me, plummeting to my fictional death

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while.  This is the green screen work that was done for the concert version of “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman” with APPLAUSE! Musicals in Concert.  In this I got to play my first villain–Dr. Sedgewick, five-time loser of the Nobel prize. Because all her work has been overlooked by the world, she is going to take out the world’s symbol of goodness, Superman.

So, most of this is Superman of course. And then there is the moment where predictably the arch villain gets what’s coming to her and meets her death falling off of a helicopter while trying to escape. You have to imagine me screaming from the wings to make it really worthwhile. While we were filming it I nearly took the director out, who was holding up the ladder/trapezey thing that I’m hanging on to, while himself standing on a ladder. My death throes were pulling him over and as he was calling out “I’m falling! I’m falling!” I was thinking he was just calling out directions and kept on flailing about. Sheesh. I can be a real moron sometimes. (As well as an overlooked evil genius)

You see all that Superman cape waving going on? That is the industrial wind machine of the director and me waving an enormous piece of…something…I don’t even rememer what it was, cardboard, plywood, sheet metal? Anyway, it was hard work let me tell you. We had to switch sides between takes because our hands were cramping up.

Not bad I think.  An appropriate amount of cheese.

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