Because I Can

This weekend marked a momentous occasion–the potty chair was removed from the bathroom. Yep, that’s right. We are officially done with the toilet training and the three-year-old is now big enough and competent enough to use a toilet just like the rest of us. Let the trumpets sound!

But to really celebrate how far we’ve come I want to hearken back to an earlier time in his development and give you just a brief snapshot of our toilet training journey by listing just a few of the unorthdox places that Griffin has peed other than his potty chair:

1) Several heat registers

2) Off the 2nd floor balcony on to the children bouncing on the trampoline below

3) A shoebox

4) Into an empty apple juice bottle which my daughter then took a swig of believing it to be the actual apple juice advertised on the label.

I know that last one is just awful (funny, but awful).

We will just celebrate his exploring, curious mind won’t we?

Any of you with boys out there have similar experiences? Please let me know I’m not alone!

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1 Response to Because I Can

  1. Colleen says:

    Seeing as I was present during the peeing off the second floor balcony (and luckily NOT on the trampoline at the time), I can verify that it’s very difficult not to laugh at the people being peed on. Ya know it’s wrong, and you really should be doing something about it, particularly since there’s screaming coming from down below….so you yell his name (all you can manage through your laughter). But then the 2 year old turns and looks at you (while still peeing through the rungs of the fence) and looks at you as if to say “Hey, look, I found this great new place to pee. Everyone down there seems excited about it too,”……well….

    And you missed noting that Griffin also peed in the bathroom garbage can. At least he lifted the lid.

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