Bad Review

My daughter’s class is doing a module on career planning. Parents were asked to come and talk to the class about their jobs. As I think I have a pretty cool job, I volunteered. I went. I made my presentation. It seemed to go well. My daughter says I didn’t embarass her. Today she reported to me that one kid in her class gave my presentation a 1. 1 is apparently the low end of the scale, although since this child’s intelligence is already in question in my books, I’m not completely convinced the poor dear understood that.

Maybe I should have brought some SWAG like my husband did. Popularity can be bought for the cost of a latex swimming cap.

Does he not realize he’s messing with the Queen of the Fairies? I could so “launch from fairy portals, all the most terrific thunders, in my armoury of wonders!” I’d like everyone to know for that, I got good reviews. Melanie Minty of the Surrey Now said:

Christina is Queen of the Fairies. She played Mad Margaret last year and it is always great to see her on stage. She loves performing and it shows.

And Alex Browne of the Peace Arch News said:

Christina contributed another excellent performance as Queen of the Fairies, singing well, but also winning plenty of laughs in suggesting the queen’s attraction to the mortal Private Willis, the sentry on guard outside the House of Lords

So there. Maybe I should have sung my presentation.

Sheesh. Everyone’s a critic.

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