Any Day Love

This has been a week where I sort laundry into random piles. A week where I put things down and cannot remember 30 seconds later where I put that thing that…what was I looking for? A week where frustrated children say “Mom, I’ve said that four times! Aren’t you listening to me?!”

The picture of my life and my family’s life has been knocked a little askew and since we are both in the picture and looking at it, everything’s a wee bit out of focus, out of whack.

And in these times of high anxiety, I’m taking a cue from Meg Fowler and remembering the love. I could very easily make an anxiety list, or an anger list, or it’s just not fair list, but then we wouldn’t feel better right?

So, here’s the love for any day, not just Friday

  • my parents
  • my quirky family (yes, I’m referring to you my siblings–all seven of you–OWN your quirkiness)
  • making my friend Bill laugh (seeing as he’s a professional, I make it a challenge)
  • cold diet coke in a can, just before it freezes (and thanks to Nicole who provides it whenever I’m at her house)
  • good doctors
  • knowing I’m going to see Silvie in 13 sleeps
  • my job and my two bosses who have accommodated me countless times and did it again this week, unasked. You guys are truly the best.
  • working up a good sweat at the gym
  • the Harry Potter series. What a great distraction.
  • sunshine with a bit of a wind
  • my kids
  • crescent beach
  • knowing that my singing is getter better each week–and hell, just singing is great.
  • friends that are there when you need them (cliche, I know, but so, so true!)
  • our freshly mopped hardwood floors
  • a husband who can work 18 hours and still help out at home AND takes the kids out to give me a little alone time.

I am truly blessed!

Share the love people. We really need it this week.

About Tentative Equinox North

Theatremaker, Homemaker, Thoughtmaker. Great hair, Probably looking forward to my next nap.
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