NaNoWriMo08: Porch of Maidens I.Q.F. (excerpt 3)

I’m up to 16,760 words. I find I’m writing scenes that I plan to stitch together later. Sometimes it’s hard to just keep writing, every word feels like I’m searching through a junk drawer for that missing button. But there are times I’ve been finding myself “in the zone;” that place where suddenly it’s three hours later and you had no idea that so much time had passed. Those do not happen often enough of course.

Another excerpt (contrary to appearances, there is dialogue in this novel, I just prefer excerpting these little descriptive bits):

Stephanie had no idea what he meant by ‘good’ keyboarding skills, or ‘General Ledger’ for that matter but she hoped he wasn’t going to test her.  She could type of course. Not especially well, but good enough to get by.  She had also spent some time at a cash register and adding machine when she worked in retail while going to university. But she had this idea that office workers had all gone to some professional office finishing school, where they learned to type in excess of 100 words per minute error-free and could do shorthand on demand. “Oh God, would someone ask her to do shorthand?” she panicked. No one ever said they needed shorthand.  But maybe they just assumed that everyone who worked in an office could do that.  Stephanie took a long, calming breath and decided to try quiet agreement. She nodded sagely in a way that she hoped said “Of course.  My keyboarding skills are beyond reproach.”  It seemed to pacify him.

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