Goal Tracking

I found an online goal tracking program that I’m very excited about. Am I the last person on earth to discover this?


I’ve been doing “The Coach Approach” at my gym, which is designed for people (like probably 90% of the population) that fall off their exercise routine and I’ve been surprised at how much I like to see my accomplishments tracked. My gym uses the Fitlinxx program, which sends my coach updates so she can track me down if my workouts start dropping off. I also get a report card at the end of the month telling me how many apples I’ve burned off and how many elephants I’ve lifted. And if you think I don’t care how many elephants I’ve lifted, well, you would be wrong.

So, that got me to thinking that I might like to track some other stuff in the same way. And lo and behold — Joe’s Goals. Easy to set up, easy to access from whatever computer I happen to be on. The goals can be positive or negative, I can give more weight to certain goals by giving them more points. I can even make a badge that can show up on my iGoogle page. Pretty graph! Nice.

I think I may even get the kids to make their own.

Because as you may recall, I have no trouble knowing what my goals are, but making that leap into actually, you know, DOING something about achieving them has been hard for me. I’m hoping this will help.

What do you find works for you?

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