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Goal Tracking

I found an online goal tracking program that I’m very excited about. Am I the last person on earth to discover this? http://www.joesgoals.com/index.cfm I’ve been doing “The Coach Approach” at my gym, which is designed for people (like probably 90% of … Continue reading

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Goals? Where? RUN!

So, of course it makes sense that I should declare my intent to write prolifically and then fail to post anything for nearly a week. Because that’s what I do. I set myself a goal and then run pell mell in the … Continue reading

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Sign of the Times

So, as I’m waiting for the light to turn green, I see this sign posted on the back of a road sign:   Self-Defense Dog Training Stop Smoking. Only one lesson needed. Call: ###-###-#### This is a case of trying … Continue reading

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