Losing Self

I had the experience twice this week while singing with a group lost all ability to detect my own voice. It was as if the group was one voice and I couldn’t tell if I was singing or not. It was wonderful.


And that was just the warm up. Now, if we could only apply that to the rest of the show.

I know it’ll come. It just takes time and rehearsal.

Yes, that means that I am in a play. In Mid-May I will be performing the role of the Fairy Queen in the Fraser Valley Gilbert & Sullivan Society’s production of the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta Iolanthe (or The Peer and the Peri). Go here for more information or here > to find out how to purchase lots and lots of tickets . Tickets will go on sale March 1st, 2008. And yes, as a matter of fact I will take it as a personal insult if you don’t come. It will be in the studio theatre of the Surrey Arts Centre, so the action (and more importantly, the sound) is right up close and personal.

There is NOTHING BETTER than to become part of a sound that (like I said about the song Hallelujah, see previous entry) hits you in the solar plexus and won’t let go. It surrounds you, enters you, and carries you away.

And I know it’s just silly Gilbert & Sullivan as everyone is wont to say. Don’t let what you’ve heard ABOUT Gilbert & Sullivan stop you from EXPERIENCING it for yourself. It’s not musical push-ups here. And you will not be required to submit the theatre equivalent of a book report.

Come. Enjoy. Be transported. Lose yourself. It will be wonderful.

Have I built it up too much?

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