In which technology proves my point, as if I needed more proof

I am having an identity crisis with the paper towel dispenser in the bathrooms at work. Sometimes it refuses to believe I exist and will not dispense towels to me no matter how frantically I wave my hand in front of its evil eye.  Other times, I just have to breathe in its general direction and it spews paper towels at me repeatedly and with gusto. It’s like it’s a little PO’d it has to get up from its coffee break. “You want paper towels? Here! Have some more! Got enough yet? Ya!? Well I think you could use a little MORE! Those hands look a little moist to me! Moist hands! Moist hands!” I think it needs counselling, or a vacation.

When I typed the word counselling in my word processor it refused to let me spell counselling with two ll’s. I bet it doesn’t like programme either. Yep, got the red line. Let’s try humour. Nope, doesn’t like that either. Those it just underlined. But it flat out refused to let me have my two LL’s. Changed it without even asking. How rude.

Two instances in just one day that prove my earlier point that our technology has already taken us over. The paper towel dispenser has dispensed with its job description and my word processor is taking it to the nth degree. How hard can it be to add humour, programme, and theatre to the standard issue dictionary?

I would like to hear in which ways technology no longer is the slave but the master in your life.

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