All by myself

I got stuck getting into my sports bra yesterday. There I was stranded, half way in, half way out, arms flailing uselessly like some as-yet-undiscovered anemone. And of course, it is at this inopportune moment when in walks the 3-year-old.

He pauses while he takes in the whole scene.

Mom, you okay?

He says a concerned look on his face.

I struggle and finally I manage to release myself from the bottleneck stranglehold and get the girls safely tucked away.

Good job, Mom. You did it all by yourself!

he says to me with undisguised parental pride in his voice.

And you know what? He’s right. I did do it all by myself. I do lots of praiseworthy feats all by myself. In that moment, I could see what it’s like to be in his world of first times and mastering the basics–where the most minor of accomplishments are worthy of amazement and praise. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if our modest achievements were met with that level of acknowledgement?

  • You emptied the dishwasher before you needed to? Good job!
  • You made three nutritious meals today? All by yourself? Nice work!
  • You opened the curtains and made your bed? Good going!

I’m going to try it. Today, I nurture my inner three-year-old.

And to you reader, I’d like to compliment you on your achievements today. Feel free to leave some of your noteworthy accomplishments however minor you might think they are in the comments. We’re all doing a better job than we think we are.

You did it all by yourself! Good job!

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1 Response to All by myself

  1. cuvintu says:

    You know, I happen to have a two year old and I’m going through a lot of firsts with him and all those “you did it by yourself!” moments almost make me proud as though I had been the one to accomplish something anew. Thanks for musing on this topic…yet another that we just don’t spend enough time on!

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