Trade Show Report

I’m back. My feet still hurt. I think I managed to do some selling, but you know nothing’s certain until people sign on that dotted line, so this week is all about the follow-up. Whatever. Like you want to know about that.

What I notice about these kind of trade shows is the clothes. This was an arts trade show so it involved artists showcasing their acts. And I will say that some of what I saw on stage could easily be found on Go Fug Yourself and some of the clothes on the trade show floor had me glancing around corners to see if a Stacy and Clinton style intervention was imminent. People, look in a mirror before you venture out into public.

I myself went with a Spice Girl theme. Ginger Spice on Friday. Posh Spice on Saturday and some mix between Baby and Sporty Spice on Sunday. By Monday, I looked like Scary Spice but I’m afraid that was unintentional. 

My favourites of the showcases were: Squid, Precision Drumming Team, Musica Intima, and Corpus. A quote from Corpus’ show Flock of Flyers. (This is said in the form of a military chant):

We’re Canadian! We don’t have planes! We have IDEAS!

 And on that note. Back to work!

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Theatremaker, Homemaker, Thoughtmaker. Great hair, Probably looking forward to my next nap.
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