High in Irony

Scott Adams on the Dilbert Blog (you can find the link in my sidebar) wrote about life’s ironies the other day (Irony Attack, Aug. 26, 2008). I was going to comment on his blog, but then it means registering, and people vote on your comment and seeing as my skin is pretty thin, I thought I would just avoid that whole pitfall. I mean who needs to lose an online popularity contest?

His original point was that he found it ironic that he drew characters without mouths and himself has developed a condition that prevents him from talking. But he goes on to observe that a guy who wrote a book about preventing heart attacks, died himself at a young age of a heart attack. You get the gist.

It put me in mind of a week back in March 2004 when two very successful businessmen died and it seems NO ONE noticed the irony but me. The first was Brian Maxwell, founder of the Power Bars Empire and athlete extraordinaire, who died of a heart attack at the age of 51. The second was Harrison McCain, co-founder of McCain’s Foods (let me remind you that the cornerstone of their product line is frozen french fries), who died after an unnamed long illness at the age of 76.

So, Power Bars or Frozen French Fries anyone?  

Plus, I have to say, double irony in the name of Maxwell being quite the opposite.

However, that reminds me that my maiden name has a ____well in it too. (Long pause)

Best not to tempt the fates too much. Thus, I will forego my organic product line of a few entries ago, and start up an all white-sugar, white flour, double the trans-fat and high-fructose corn syrup product line and live until I’m 100. Who’s with me?

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1 Response to High in Irony

  1. And, if you can create that ‘guilt free’ stuff, I’m all over the ‘extra fat’ food option.

    Seeing a product labelled ‘fat free’ I often comment “oh, DAMN! They forgot the fat! Crap!”

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