Caption Contest! A prize and everything…

I may have mentioned that I took a whirlwind trip to Los Angeles not too long ago. Yes, I’m quite sure I said something about it.

Anyway, I’ve finally given two points to our own household Gollum — I believe I’ve also mentioned him, yes, I’m quite sure —  and let him keep the multi-card reader and the camera cord that I’m sure he swiped. You win Gollum. I give up.

What I’m trying to say is that I finally caved in and forked over $20 to get a new card reader so I can finally download some pictures from said trip of whirlwind.

Here is one I took at Greystone Park, and it just screams to be captioned. Screams I tells you. Well, at least uses a firm indoor voice. CAPTION ME!


Submit your caption entry in the comments.

*Currently captionless*


So, here it is, the first ever Caption Contest at Tentative Equinox. Are you giddy with the excitement?

The Rules

  • Submit your entries in the comments. You may enter more than once.
  • Contest closes Sunday, March 1st. 2009 at 11:59 pm, PST.
  • The winner will get a $10 Starbucks gift card from yours truly. Or if you’re in Canada, I would be so benevolent as to let you choose a Tim Hortons gift card (hey, it’s Roll Up the Rim to Win time, and besides $10 goes way further at Tim Hortons than Starbucks).
  • Winner determination: I may choose my favourite or if there are too many good ones to choose from, I will put it out to a poll to see what the discerning public thinks.
PS: If you’re reading this on Facebook, the import notes function tends not to import the pictures. You’ll have to come to my bjournal to see the picture. Besides, only comments ON MY BJOURNAL site will be counted. You have been warned.

About Tentative Equinox North

Theatremaker, Homemaker, Thoughtmaker. Great hair, Probably looking forward to my next nap.
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14 Responses to Caption Contest! A prize and everything…

  1. Question.

    Is the word ‘orgy’ off limits?

  2. Interesting direction you’re taking this, Mahoneymusings.

    Nope. You may use ‘orgy’ to your heart’s content.

    Just remember that your Mom reads this bjournal.

  3. Persephone says:

    Jack! This is where we met!

    Will they take my Canadian citizenship away if I admit that I hate Tim Horton’s? It’s never been the same since Wendy’s took it over…

  4. Out-Numbered says:

    “If I have to sniff another turtle ass today, I’m gonna flip my f******g shell!”

  5. Honestly. The language on this bjournal…..

    • Well, when you start things off with a word like, oh, say… ‘orgy’… the elevated tone of the post went decidedly on a downward slide.

      It’s just like when we were kids “She started it!”

      And I can’t help but notice that although you’ve now supplied two comments, I still do not have your caption entry.

  6. I’m thinking. Stop pestering me.

    And I do believe you started it by posting a picture of a turtle orgy.

  7. Ok. Here it is.

    “Usually being the butt of his brother’s jokes, Ralph finally had the last laugh.”

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  9. No matter how solid the foundation, or what angle of inclination, when you’re not built for speed, the possibility of getting airborne is pretty much ‘nil’.

    While wordy, and not really all that “pithy”, it does provide a description of the image in toto.

    [pauses for inevitable Wizard of Oz joke]

    I thank you.

    And yes, I am incapable of resisting when challenged via linkback function. Shameless? Moi? Naturallement!

  10. Fred says:

    “In a moment of frenzy, Sydney suddenly decided to break ranks from family traditions and pursue his dream to become a professional dancer.”

  11. awalkabout says:

    “I don’t care if Paris Hilton IS airing her private parts, I don’t want to see any more naughty bits!!”

    And P.S. We in the States have our Timmies, thanks. :P

    *chuckles at the link above and comment. Surely that applies too!!*

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