In which I get Salty

So, I am really unforgivably late in posting this, but I am doing a thing. It’s kind of hard to explain so I’m going to give you a lot of links.

The event is called Fourplay. It’s basically four episodes in a relationship from meeting to marriage. It takes place at Salt Tasting Room in Gastown. I play one half of the couple in question. Okay, maybe that wasn’t so hard to explain. If you go, you get food, you get to keep your cell phone turned on, and there’s always some other entertainment. Last week we had a lovely musician, next week a magician, the third week some (ahem) burlesque and the fourth, a brass band.

The first night was great fun if the faces of the audience were any indication, (and believe me, I was right up close to see ’em). As a performer, I have to say, it is one wild ride.

Okay, here’s the link-a-palooza:

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  1. Hi Christina,

    Thanks for the linkback. It’s 604Foodtography. I know, it’s strange but it’ll stick to your brain hopefully.

    See you the following Mondays!

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