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Muse Sighting II

He cycles past me going the wrong way on a one-way street. He is mounted on an old city-style bicycle. Of course the bike is old enough that when he bought it, it didn’t have the descriptor city-style, it was just a … Continue reading

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Muse Sighting

She pulls up behind me at the traffic light. She’s old. Her lips lined like someone permanently tasting a sour lemon, although that’s just the state of her face and doesn’t appear to be connected to her personality. She’s good-looking … Continue reading

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Griffin–the One, the Only, the Not-to-be-Copied

The five-year-old has turned from the spitting, screaming, biting that got him euphemistically categorized as a “spirited” toddler into a bright, loving, bouncy Kindergartener. I adore him. Really. It’s just so lovely to see the transformation in him. Not that he … Continue reading

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Tuesday BITs — I can’t fight this feeling anymore

Today is the Discussion of Trinity of Brain Issues (Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Aspergers) and the Treatment Thereof Tuesday (DTBITTT) or in short form Tuesday BITs.   Anxiety, like free-radicals, floats around my body looking for something to tether itself to. … Continue reading

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Ode to an Escaped Feather

Oh lusty feather, Who once poked the spines of those           who leaned for comfort on overly expensive throw cushions. Spine meeting spine. You once clung to the back of a brown spotted bird          of some kind, If your … Continue reading

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Have you seen SunSilk Hairapy Anti-Poof 24/7 Hair Creme?

If my life wasn’t complicated enough, it seems it’s getting harder and harder to find SunSilk Hairapy Anti-Poof 24/7 Hair Creme. I was at Shopper’s Drug Mart the other day (to fill a prescription thank you), home of the nefarious … Continue reading

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Read it again and again and again Mommy.

The five-year-old has a new obsession: Cars and Trucks and Things that Go. The book is missing its cover, the first 8 pages and comes in two sections, courtesy of the abuse he bestowed upon it when he didn’t want … Continue reading

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Ode to a lost feild.

If you follow my sister’s blog (or are my sister) you may already be aware that my mother has started going through 2 steamer trunks full of old schoolwork. If not, catch up here. I found an undated, unsigned essay … Continue reading

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Wahoo Wednesday — Theatre Edition

I love this new theatre company’s website: The Room.  Even their press releases are awesome. My favourite page is the blog page: Blog is a dumb word. Especially when you stare at it for too long. The sound of “blog” … Continue reading

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Who put that card reader here?

We have had an ongoing battle with our personal household Gollum who seems to have developed a taste for all things camera-related. First it was the card reader, then the battery charger, then the card reader that I bought to replace … Continue reading

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