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I’d like to thank my grade seven class…

I’ve just learned I’ve been awarded my first blog award, the Fresh and Fabulous Award (originated at 6 o’clock stitch) by none other than the famous Mahoney Musings, who I forgive for calling me a crackerjack, even if she meant it in … Continue reading

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Welcome spring!

I don’t think I’ve been quite so excited to greet a Vernal Equinox before. Welcome spring. Thank God you’re here. We thought winter would never leave.     I recommend getting the real song “Canada in Springtime” by Free Design … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Sis!

It was exactly 40 years and 2 days ago, that I stopped being the centre of my parents’ universe. Arriving on the scene was the first of eventually seven siblings–a sister. Her first act of  muscling me out of the spotlight was deciding … Continue reading

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Coming into the Middle of the Conversation

I love coming into the middle of conversations. You get to hear the oddest statements and then try to figure out how the conversers got to a place where that statement made sense. For instance, this is what I overheard the … Continue reading

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RMR: Canada explained

For my vast audience of American and otherwise countried readers, a quick and hilarious rundown on how the democracy of Canada works (although apparently Canadians can benefit from a quick refresher too). From our national treasure, Rick Mercer:     … Continue reading

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Here comes the brain again.

In which I send you to read about Kate Zimmerman’s benign brain tumour and listen to Jill Bolte Taylor’s experience of her stroke. Much lighter than it sounds and more humourous than you would expect. Continue reading

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Best Search Term of the Week

In which Google messes with its faithful. Continue reading

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Another Random Act of Kindness

We have been hit with snow. Whoo boy. For us pansy-ass West Coasters it is apocalyptic snow–the like of which we haven’t seen round these parts for over a decade. We’re breaking some 40 year old records for cold. The wind … Continue reading

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More than a Mechanic

I had to visit my mechanic the other day (it’s becoming an all-too-regular occurrence unfortunately). I have two regular mechanics, one out by my work and one close to where we live. This was the close-to-where-we-live mechanic–a real salt of … Continue reading

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So, I got squished yesterday. Yes, it was time for the annual mammogram. And in keeping with Rocks in my Dryer, I now have the opportunity to use the word ‘squish’ and all its derivates (squished, squishes, squisher, metasquish, squishy, … Continue reading

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