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Accountability Coach Update

Prompted by a comment from Bullwinkle, who wondered if I’d followed through on my personal ad looking for an Accountability Coach, I thought I’d stop in after my long unexplained absence to give you the update.   I am happy to report that … Continue reading

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And Now for Something Completely Different

It’s just been too much earnestness, yearning, and thinking this week hasn’t it? Time to lighten up. This is perfect. The brilliant Big Honkin’  team imagined what it would be like to have Google for a roommate. High-lair-ee-us. 3 episodes (about … Continue reading

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Thyroid – B9!

Oh my stars, I can breathe again. The pathology from the thyroid biopsy is in and all indicators are that it’s benign. A hyperplastic nodule is the official term. Quoting from the report on my 2.7 cm solid lesion (ewww, … Continue reading

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Wahoo Wednesday, the Thursday Edition

Today’s theme seems to be simple creativity. People being creatively genius with nothing much but a simple idea and simple tools. First up: Did you notice my cool new bjournal header? This was done through the oh so much fun … Continue reading

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The Way of the Brochure — Journey’s End

WAHOOOOOOO!!!!! My brochure is finally triple proofed and that ain’t no drink although it should be because I’m drunk on the realization that that brochure which went through 18 drafts and that ain’t no drinking game is finally, after almost … Continue reading

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This post! Now Collectible!

My son brought home his School Supply Order Form yesterday. Never mind that he received it several days ago and only gave it to me the afternoon of the due date. Just never mind. I’m letting it go, and I think … Continue reading

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Anthropology of the School Concert

I attended the school’s variety show yesterday. I LOVE school concerts. I love the earnestness, the nervousness, the vulnerability. It makes me cry when the school band plays a song together. It’s an amazing accomplishment really to be playing a song … Continue reading

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This just in — Proofreading is Impotant

So, I found myself at a temporary page in the Minsitry of Education’s website. Did you catch that typo? Let me emphasize…the Ministry of Education‘s website. <sigh>Boggles the mind really. Although I can’t say I’m truly surprised, considering some of the … Continue reading

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Laughter may be the best medicine

Take a look at this. Although it’s not a large number of people involved in this study, I think these findings are really eye-opening. Laughter was more effective than medication in reducing cholesterol levels. By a lot. 26% compared to 3% improvement?! … Continue reading

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Everything new is old again

My extra-busy work season ended Sunday at 5:45. It’s nice to have a nice marker like that, a ribbon tied across the track to launch, or in my case, stagger, through, panting, red-faced, and sweating, and if not victorious, at … Continue reading

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