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Content-Free Post

Have you noticed that the organic movement is very much defined by what it is not? Very soon, I fully expect to buy an organic apple and have the following information on the sticker (the sticker that’s two microns bigger than an … Continue reading

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Warning Lights

As I unbuckled my youngest from his car seat, I took a look at the back seat of my car. Oh dear. Suddenly, an unwelcome epiphany crystallized into a dark forbidding mass that could no longer be ignored. This was my epiphany: … Continue reading

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Diagnosed vs Undiagnosed

I chanced upon an old friend a couple of weeks ago. I mean we know each other from a ways back, not that either he (or I) are old. He, (too bad for him come to think about it), asked how my … Continue reading

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Be My Own Stage Manager

Writing the post “Overheard in My Brain,” while also being great fun to write, gave me an epiphany: I need to be my own stage manager. The stage manager has a cue-book, with the script, the blocking and all the … Continue reading

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True Confessions

I have a confession to make. I do not, (cannot?, will not? am unable to?) close cupboard doors. Drawers too. It drives my husband crazy. Whenever it’s brought to my attention, I try to reform myself. I set myself a SMART goal … Continue reading

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Private Guilt vs. Public Judgment

Since this post, I’ve been really trying to sever my links between food and guilt. I’ve been listening to what my body wants to eat and giving it that no matter how much my nutrition indoctrination screams otherwise. And that’s interesting, because … Continue reading

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World Theatre Day Message

International Message by Robert Lepage  There are a number of hypotheses on the origins of theatre but the one I find the most thought-provoking takes the form of a fable: One night, at the dawn of time, a group of … Continue reading

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All by myself

I got stuck getting into my sports bra yesterday. There I was stranded, half way in, half way out, arms flailing uselessly like some as-yet-undiscovered anemone. And of course, it is at this inopportune moment when in walks the 3-year-old. He pauses … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Tomorrow is my birthday! I love my birthday. I’m not so sure about the numbers that seem to be escalating alarmingly, but I just avert my eyes from that and be happy because it’s MY DAY! MINE! And, I think … Continue reading

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Job Descriptions? We don’t need no stinkin’ job descriptions!

I was a lifeguard/swimming instructor all through my university years. This job was a logical extension of my love of water–I am after all a Pisces. I had spent all my summers from grade three onwards being a pool rat … Continue reading

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