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There’s a Chip for That?

So, I pick up my mail from my mail drawer at work this morning. And a co-worker has very kindly dropped off my Sun Run stuff (we’ve got enough people for a team this year–go us!). I look at the … Continue reading

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Tentatively X-Rated

Why do you visit me here? Is it to find out what cute things my kids are saying? Do you expect to get some pithy observations that probably have already been made by other people in more observant and humourous … Continue reading

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Trade Show Report

I’m back. My feet still hurt. I think I managed to do some selling, but you know nothing’s certain until people sign on that dotted line, so this week is all about the follow-up. Whatever. Like you want to know … Continue reading

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Partial Eclipse of the Blog

I am at a trade show for the next few days, so there will be no time to post for me. Although I’m sure I will amuse myself by writing posts in my head, during those long hours. My feet already hurt. … Continue reading

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All by myself

I got stuck getting into my sports bra yesterday. There I was stranded, half way in, half way out, arms flailing uselessly like some as-yet-undiscovered anemone. And of course, it is at this inopportune moment when in walks the 3-year-old. He pauses … Continue reading

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In which technology proves my point, as if I needed more proof

I am having an identity crisis with the paper towel dispenser in the bathrooms at work. Sometimes it refuses to believe I exist and will not dispense towels to me no matter how frantically I wave my hand in front of … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Tomorrow is my birthday! I love my birthday. I’m not so sure about the numbers that seem to be escalating alarmingly, but I just avert my eyes from that and be happy because it’s MY DAY! MINE! And, I think … Continue reading

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