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Pass it on–10 Positive Things About This Week

Well my friends, it’s been a week.  So, rather than curl up in my bed, I am taking a cue from Mahoney Musings and accentuating the positive: My Top 10 Positives about this week: A learning disabled daughter that received … Continue reading

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Turtle-talking with Crush

I so totally love Crush. He’s like one of my parenting role-models (and my only fictional, cartoon, anthropomorphized one). So, I was very excited to find the show Turtle Talk with Crush at California Adventure. It turned out to be one of the more amazing … Continue reading

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Tell me, but quietly and out of earshot of the daycare ladies

If you’ve been following this bjournal for a while you might recall I vowed to stop lurking in doorways. I took a big step out of the doorway by deciding to submit my name to audition for professional theatre companies–and … Continue reading

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Be My Own Stage Manager

Writing the post “Overheard in My Brain,” while also being great fun to write, gave me an epiphany: I need to be my own stage manager. The stage manager has a cue-book, with the script, the blocking and all the … Continue reading

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Iolanthe (Ahem…The Fairy Queen!) Re-visited

 Well, I’ve packed my bags and moved out of Fairyland. It’s been a bit of a culture shock getting back into the so-called “real world” and I must say it’s a bit over-rated. I am still in post-play exhaustion but … Continue reading

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Here I am. The Fairy Queen from Gilbert and Sullivan’s Iolanthe. Check out those eyelashes! They are feathers if you can believe it. I love them a whole bunch more than I thought I would. I’m not sure what that … Continue reading

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10 Things

In random order these are the things occupying my brainspace and time: 1) My daughter has just finished her full-day speech-language assessment, the last component of the larger assessment to determine if she is on the autism spectrum or if … Continue reading

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Stranger Than Fiction–10 Ways I Love Thee

If you’re a regular reader, you might by now have guessed that, for the most part, I’m not really what they call an “early-adopter.” That’s why you will see reviews of things that are long since yesterday’s news. But I don’t … Continue reading

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Trade Show Report

I’m back. My feet still hurt. I think I managed to do some selling, but you know nothing’s certain until people sign on that dotted line, so this week is all about the follow-up. Whatever. Like you want to know … Continue reading

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World Theatre Day Message

International Message by Robert Lepage  There are a number of hypotheses on the origins of theatre but the one I find the most thought-provoking takes the form of a fable: One night, at the dawn of time, a group of … Continue reading

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